60 Reasons for HA HA in your business

Developing a Humour Attitude and implementing HumourAction bring real results!  it is the fastest way to move from the past to the future.  Applying these skills is the key to holding a n audience in the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime.


    1. Develop flexibile behaviour
    2. Laugh a lot more often
    3. Be more of a creative thinker
    4. Have a fun face on Facebook
    5. Enhance self confidence
    6. Take your business to another stage - The showcase stage
    7. Attract new business
    8. Achieve goals sooner
    9. Make learning fun
    10. Cope with change positively
    11. Capture people's attention
    12. Tell jokes that excites emotion
    13. See opportunities not obstacles
    14. Be a humorous powerful speaker
    15. Add creativity to your direct mail
    16. Have a positive personality
    17. Be able to cheer the discouraged
    18. Add fun to your family life
    19. Learn how to develop a seminar and sell it
    20. Feel good more often
    21. Stand up, speak up and promote your business/ideas
    22. Establish yourself as an expert in your field
    23. Be funny and fun to listen to
    24. Have awesome audience control
    25. Enhance your identity and image
    26. Handle stress and burnout
    27. Improve persuasion and negotiation
    28. Renew your sense of mission and purpose
    29. Develop your own web-nar
    30. Make sense of humour


    1. Discover an original speaking identity
    2. Increase your sales and improve your services
    3. Be a tolerant leader
    4. Build trust and rapport
    5. Lighten up your lifestyle
    6. Have imagination to dream and have vision
    7. Maintain a balanced focus
    8. Make achieving goals enjoyable
    9. Laughing all the way to the bank
    10. Gain higher visibility
    11. Have a podcast that sells yourself and services
    12. Heal your body naturally
    13. Lighten up training sessions
    14. Deal with difficult people
    15. Be friendly on the phone
    16. Build a co-operative team
    17. Become more likeable
    18. Lighten up your advertising copy
    19. Make entertaining presentations
    20. Improve relationships
    21. Develop multiple sources of income
    22. Produce and promote your own products
    23. Become a talent to the media
    24. How to live for a living
    25. Be an entrepreneur for global consciousness
    26. Live your life as a legacy to the living
    27. Be a sensational storryteller
    28. Be a happier person
    29. Take your business to another stage
      - the Show Case Stage
    30. Live, love  & Laugh

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